Color selection

What colors attract you? What colors inspire you? Benjamin Moore provides a color palette of more than 3200 nuances and tones, from foamy whites, to delicate pastels, to spactacular gem shades. You can experiment with sophisticated color combinations using paint and lacquer in the same tone, or on the contrary, alternating between similar or complementary or why not, dramatic color schemes. Have some fun and try a variety of colors and decorative painting techniques on a trial surface first before starting giving your room the fresh look you want.

You can also visit Personal Color Viewer 3.0. That is where you will find the special finishes filter which will make your experiment become easy, fast and interesting.

The basic notions of special finishes :

Base color – the color you have chosen to paint your wall.

Colored lacquer (lacquer mixed with paint) – the color you will apply on top of the base.

The technique you will use to apply/remove the lacquer will determine the final look of your wall. Use Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Latex Glaze for professional results.

Methods :

additive method – colored lacquer will be applied on top of a colored base using a special technique – color washing, sponging, color ragging or strie,

subtractive method – the special finish will be the result of partially removing the colored lacquer on the colored base. The lacquer will be originally applied with a brush or a roller. Later, some portions on the wet lacquer will be removed using a special technique.

Experiment with various techniques in order to determine the final look you’re after. Whether you opt for something subtle or for something dramatic, always make sure to count in the edges, for optimal results.

First steps 

Whether you’re glazing and ragging your walls or another surface, be sure they are properly prepared before you begin. Clean your walls thoroughly and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. For the best results, we recommend Fresh Start® 100% Acrylic Primer before you apply your base color. Be sure to tape off any edges you wish to protect, such as those along ceilings, windows, and doors.


Additive techniques – Mix together one gallon of Studio Finishes Latex Glaze with one quart of Regal Paint, Matte Finish paint in the color you have selected. You can also use any other interior paint from our Regal Paint line, using the same ratio—four parts glaze to one part paint. Ensure that the glaze and paint are thoroughly mixed, and pour the mixture into your paint tray.

Subtractive techniques – Mix together a half-gallon of Studio Finishes Latex Glaze with a half-gallon of Studio Finishes Latex Glaze Extender. Once they are mixed together, add in one quart of Regal Paint, Matte Finish. The glaze extender allows you more “open time” for your glaze mixture, and keeps it wet and workable longer. For longer open time, add more glaze extender to the mixture.

Necessary tools:

  • Marine sponge
  • 3/8-inch Benjamin Moore nap roller
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Drop cloth
  • Lint-free rag, cloth or cheesecloth
  • Benjamin Moore nylon/polyester brush
  • Paint tray
  • Painter’s tape
  • Water for cleanup
  • Benjamin Moore Regal Matte Finish
  • Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Latex Glaze
  • Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Latex Glaze Extender