Kitchens and Baths Mildewcide Primer

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A high quality, 100% acrylic primer formulated to be used where mould and mildew growth is likely. It provides outstanding adhesion and sealing, and can be applied under acrylic or enamel paints as well as over new and previously painted surfaces.

Recommended for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that may be subject to high humidity. 323 MOORE’S K&B Mildewcide Primer spatter-resistant formula is odorless and easy to apply.

  • For kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and inside areas subject to humidity and frequent cleaning.
  • Contains a mildewcide to control fungal growth.
  • Quick dry allows recoat same day.
  • Spatter resistant application.
  • Good adhesive to new and previously painted surfaces.
  • Gives a smooth surface for high quality finish.
  • Use under water or solvent borne finishes.

Colors: White. May be tinted with Moor-O-Matic colorants to light colors.

Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury

Gloss Level: Flat

Additional information

Finish type

Flat finish



Ecological standard

Ecologic, Low VOC

Resin type

Acrylic, Natural latex


Soap and water

UV Protection


Water resitant


Lead and Mercury Free


Elastomeric / Air Lock


Allows pigmentation


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