Colorstyle / Flat Emulsion

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A superior quality paint that produces a beautiful, uniform, flat finish on properly prepared plaster, concrete, bricks, masonry, gypsum board, and wood.

It has no unpleasant odor and features easy application, a spatter-resistant formulation, fast dry, excellent covering qualities and soap and water cleanup. Deep colors in flat paints do not lend themselves to hard usage or washing because they have a tendency to scuff or burnish. For areas subject to excessive wear or rough handling, use 519 COLORSTYLE Eggshell Emulsion.

Performance Features

  • Dries to a beautiful, decorative flat finish.
  • Spatter-resistant, low odor.
  • Easy application and clean up, quick recoat.
  • Excellent opacity.

Colors: White and over 3.500 tinted colors are available from the Moor-O-Matic Color System.

Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury

Gloss Level: 0-5 at 60 degree viewing angle.

Additional information

Finish type

Flat finish


Exterior, Interior

Ecological standard

Ecologic, Low VOC

Resin type

Acrylic, Natural latex


Soap and water

UV Protection


Water resitant


Lead and Mercury Free


Elastomeric / Air Lock


Allows pigmentation


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