Designing a nursery room requires a lot of imagination, but other than that, it’s quite a pleasant thing to do. As is the case with a teenager’s room, designing it becomes even more pleasant and the parents get to be even more convinced with the quality and success of the result if they involve the little ones in designing the said space and encourage them to voice their preferences. Nursery room design usually stops at painting the walls baby blue for boys and princess pink for girls. However, we challenge the trends every time, always thinking of our clients and their needs. So we came up with a fresh idea portfolio, especially where the dominant color of the is concerned, which is now fit to accompany your kids all the way from their first steps, to their first driving lesson. 

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Sports and recreation complex featuring bed

If your little guy is in love with sport – whatever the sport – give him a little joy and allow him to find his passion even in his bedroom, not only on the field or in the training hall. Paint the walls in representative colors, sync the design and the decorations with the hobby of his choice, let your imagination run free and alternate finishing too.

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But moooom, I don’t want any pink walls!
When girls decide their passions, they can be very adamant when voicing it. Involve your daughter in designing her room and allow her passions to be reflected in the way her room looks. With your help and with the help of our consultants, the results will definitely be spectacular, a room the size of a universe, where your daughter gets to dream of the lands she read about and where she will proudly invite her friends. But the most precious result of it all, will be that together with her, you created a space where she will love coming back.