The kitchen is a multifunctional space and so, a dedicating a generous surface to it is extremely advantageous. since the kitchen is always full, most of us seek to juggle the space so as to create the impression of a large and comfortable room. Kitchen interior design trends for 2015 suggest giving up tiles in favor of special paints, designed for exposure to high humidity, as is the case with bathrooms and kitchens.

Your kitchen – your playground

Forget about bland kitchens and play with your walls. Experiment with this complex environment, not just with the complicated salads and that amazing roast you only make when you have guests. The lively color of a gazpacho may very well be your accent wall, while the morning omelet discreetly colors the doors or your kitchen furniture. Turn the cooking space into your playground.

For an accurate translation of “broccoli” or “fresh tomatos” into color language, please visit the Benjamin Moore showroom and have a chat with our consultants. We’ll find a variety of equivalents in the Benjamin Moore color dictionaries. Textures too.

Reinvent the reasons why the kitchen’s the hottest place in your home

For the best part, any kitchen is comprised of cupboards and a plethora of appliances that make your life easier, and as a result, only a comparatively small surface ends up dedicated to wall color and paint. Make these surfaces count. Trust our consultants when choosing the color palette of your kitchen and select bold nuances and tones that make your family and guests go from “blah!” to “aaaah!”

The kitchen – your down time spot?

Maybe the kitchen has that one chair you want to sit on after a long day at work. An interesting warm light lamp, a well-behaved plant sitting pleasantly on a white window sill, a book you forgot on the table this morning when you drank your coffee. If this scenario made you smile, don’t think twice. Paint your kitchen in calm neutrals which will make you go easy on your day, early in the morning or late at night. Take into consideration the type of light in the room and come into our showroom to ask for our specialists’ recommendation. If you’re still indecisive about the finishes, our consultants will help you choose one of the 6 finishes we provde for our cilents.

We’ll be waiting for you and by the way, we already prepared a series of relaxing…catalogs.

Hello. I’m Chef. Private Chef. Your bachelor pad kitchen

Ah, yes. The bachelor kitchen. It contains a fanc wine fridge, a wonderful table, the space is intelligently optimize and the colors let out a very vibrant…masculine energy and vitality. This kitchen has been designed for her, not for him. Or rather, for the two hours you spend there crafting something impressive. Don’t steer clear of bold, edgy color combinations together with minimalist. And don’t stay away from the apron, either.

We recommend a matching apron. But we recommend a visit to our showroom before that.