Our taste – where bathroom design is concerned – is becoming more and more refined. We left behind the exclusivity that used to reign our choices and we’re now bent to design modern bathrooms to be spaces dedicated to precious relaxation, rather than just functionality. From heated floors and cutting-edge gadget bathtubs to flat screen TVs, designing a bathroom has become a challenge of shaping a comfortable and relaxing space.

Moreover, since a bathroom tends to be such a particular space, such a tough challenge on the interior designer and his or her imagination, the design of a bathroom may become a competitive advantage when selling a property. A modern bathroom might sell your house a lot faster, which makes it a very good investment.

Below, you will find a couple of ideas which may inspire you when re-designing your bathroom:

Bathroom Design – Shabby Chic

If you’re used to seeing your bedroom as your only relaxation spot, why don’t you try a change of perspective?

What if suddenly, you start questioning the traditional destinations of your rooms and install a rebellion of absolute relaxation where your bathroom ends up the protagonist?

Let’s say your bathroom is your budoir. Regardless of the type of light your bathroom sports, Benjamin Moore can supply you with a generous collection of pastels in a variety of nuances and tones which will pamper even the most pretentious eye.

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Our bathroom

She owns 86 items of body care and make-up, whereas he owns 4. She wouldn’t want to wait for him to be done with shaving until she can go in and put on that stellar make-up. He would like the bathroom to be airy and clean. She would like something more vibrant than white. He’d like to have his own sink, she’d like a big mirror.

But both of them would like to enjoy the morning smiles, the little shaving foam wars and the pleasant light. So what can we do? How about a giant mirror, two coquette sinks and pastels on the walls, so they can both enjoy the bathroom together.

Minimalist bathroom

More uncompromising characters might wish to see this aspect of their personality reflected even in the most intimate of rooms. A bathroom designed with modern trends and minimalism in mind will certainly satisfy any pretentious mind, for whom black and white are the go-to colors of classic elegance.

My bathroom. My charm’s little secret

A long, foamy bath at the end of an exhausting day, soft towels and interior design that vibrates femininity every step of the way. The bathroom is no longer a spot of functionality only. As of today, the bathroom is a style challenge  for everyone who desires to turn it into a very intimate space, destined to nothing but selfish rest&relax.