Perfect for lazy Sundays when you flip through magazines or your most comfortable spot at night after an exhausting to-and-fro, the bedroom is everyone’s secret refuge. We prepared a couple of formidable bedroom interior design ideas which might help you change the classical bed-bedstand-drawer set-up into a fantastic bedroom.

Lovebird Settings

Love comes in many flavors – passionate, burning or on the contrary, joyful and peaceful like a lazy afternoon. Whichever the way you fancy it, make sure your bedroom is the perfect backdrop for your dreamy times or for your love. Tell the story of our way of loving with ever inch of your bedroom design and create a perfect room dedicated to loving mornings or evenings, which completely reflects who you are.

Reader’s Bedroom

Designing a bedroom for a passionate reader is one of our favorite challenges. Readers will want an intimate space that feels sufficiently protective and can accommodate their need to be immersed comfortably in their reading. However, this space needs to allow them to feel free and inspired too. Juggling perception in such a way that the space feels ample will be instrumental in stimulating imagination during or after reading. One of the favorite ways in which we can play with the perception of a room’s depth, is making an accent wall.

Both bold colors which speak of urban skylines and action-packed stories as well as calm neutrals which get you a one-way ticket to peaceful slumber will solve the issue of intelligent space management and atmosphere. Naturally, the favorite books must stay close without cluttering the space.

A third of your favorite game, a third of perception manipulation and a cup of imagination and presto! Your bedroom becomes your favorite library.