Your design. Your story. Your color.

Do you ever dream of waking up to the sea breeze and the sound of waves? Or perhaps to the metropolitan noise? Do you prefer peace and quiet? Maybe music? A cafe’s buzz? Come into our showroom, where there’s a color for everything that matters in your life. 

We like to play around with general statements perhaps because they make our lives easier to grasp. Love is red, relaxation is green, happiness is yellow. But things aren’t always this easy.

Give yourself a gift. A single minute to think of what it feels like when you get back home.

Happy? Relaxed? Relieved? Now try to translate these feelings into color.What does happiness look like? Like the cocktails you had on vacation? Like seaside last summer? Or precisely like her skin pampered by rays of sunshine?

See? All of a sudden colors aren’t so easy to dumb down to clear names like red, blue or beige. 
At Benjamin Moore we gathered the history of 132 years of experimenting with color, we organized it into textures, nuances and tones and we managed to come up with a color for each and every one of your thoughts. Our catalogs now feature more than hundreds of shades of white, more than 1800 patented hues , but our entire story about the calm, the happiness and the love of interior design.

Come pay us a visit. We’re curious to see your hue! 

Colors at home. Elements of language

Just as we use words every day to give our thoughts shape and make them understandable, at Benjamin Moore, we make use of color to help you turn design into a personal story.

Once upon a time there were three friends…White. Black. Red.

When we’ve become accustomed to a certain procedure it’s hard to even pinpoint what is it that we became accustomed with. Let’s take designing a living room. We know this particular room features the most intense transit, we know there has to be at least one couch there, a generous TV and coffee table. Judging by this standard any living would say the exact same story if we didn’t have a series of absolutely essential elements come in to help us. – colors.

For the vast majority of us, our living room sports a rich white or a creamy beige, maybe even light mint tones if we’re a little brave. But what if we experimented with something a little stronger? Say…burgundy. Oh so strangely, the same room benefits from a different kind of energy.

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Unlike writers, we use hues for storytelling. Our expression units are the color categories that we populated with various nuances and tones in order to enhance the beauty pf a certain space and help the owner see himself in the personality of a room.

Interiors that have been exposed to natural sunlight will generate very different hues for every color used in the design process. because of the sun’s position or the direction of the light, to name a few. This is why, when picking a color for your interior, our consultants will either suggest you try the color chip in the space you want painted, or will try to re-create the lighting conditions in your space.